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Summer Internship Job Description


-Spirituality: The CQH intern should not only see themselves as a spiritual mentor and in touch with their “inner child of God”, but as a living example for what a Christian life should be. The Intern will always be expected to demonstrate the highest level of integrity at all times.

-Education:     All applicants should have completed high school.

-Transportation: Intern should have access to some form of reliable transportation.


Job Objectives:

-The intern objective will be to work alongside the Administrator and Administrative Assistant to gain an understanding and knowledge of all aspects of camp ministry.

-The intern will also be given a well-rounded, “hands on” practical experience in all areas of camp.



-The intern will work under the direct supervision of the Administrator. They will be directly accountable to the Administrator for their performance. It is understood that the Intern will be under the general guidance of the Camp Board and the Yearly Meeting Superintendent as well.

-The intern will function as, and be treated as, a full-time staff member of Camp Quaker Heights. The intern should remember that they are representing both God and Camp Quaker Heights at all times.


Weekly Responsibilities:

-Lead Staff Bible Study/Devotions

-Keep daily log of accomplished tasks for review with Administrator

-Help Administrative Assistant with book keeping and miscellaneous office work


Additional Responsibilities:

-Help coordinate upcoming camp events (Family Camp, Retreats, Concert, Softball Tournament, etc.)

-Help to create/modify promotional and marketing video and fliers/brochures

-Create volunteer database and organize volunteer opportunities

-Give report at Yearly Meeting (Yearly Meeting Dates July 25-28, 2018)


Note: Responsibilities may be added or changed to fit the giftedness and particular passions of the intern, as well as to meet unforeseen needs within the camp ministry.



-The salary for the intern is $200.00 (before taxes) per week for a specified period (10 weeks) beginning May 22rd through July 31st, 2016 with an average of 40 hours. Depending on applicant’s availability, these dates can be modified.


Please note that this by no means is a comprehensive document. The responsibilities of the intern are not limited to those outlined here. This serves only to provide a brief example of the philosophies and expectations regarding our summer internship program.