Staff Team Leader

Job Description

The position of Staff Team Leader is a full time ten week salaried position that is directly accountable to the Camp Administrator. The staff team consists of 6-8 staff serving in different camp areas and seeking to know God more intimately. The Staff Team Leader will lead and mentor the staff team over ten weeks as well as assist the Camp Administrator with various tasks.


1. Must trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, be growing spiritually and should feel called to nurture other staff in their daily walk with Jesus Christ

2. In agreement with the beliefs and mission of the Iowa Yearly Meeting

3. Team attitude, flexible spirit, people-orientation, emotional maturity

4. Ability to work independently

5. Participate in bi weekly reviews with Camp Administrator

6. Positively represent Camp Quaker Heights in all conversations both on the job and off, to both guests and other employees alike

7. Position will average around 60 hours/week for ten weeks

8. Three sick days available

9. Can arrange for other time off with Administrator

10. Skill in conflict management


1. Plan and facilitate staff training

2. Plan and facilitate staff downtime activities

3. Promote the safety, health, and personal growth of the 6-8 staff for ten weeks

4. Disciple staff through bi weekly 1:1 meetings and daily life together

5. Work with the Holy Spirit to respond to staff needs to put God’s love on display

6. Foster a safe, supportive and healing staff community

7. Engage in intentional times of prayer for campers, each other and CQH

8. Partner with the Camp Administrator, Administrative Assistant and Food Service Director to address any conflict or disciplinary issues

9. Maintain personal relationship with God and physical health to meet the demands of a 24/7 program. This will require that you use your time off wisely and regularly to get enough sleep

10. Plan fall events such as Family Camp and Man Camp

11. Willingly assist in other areas as assigned by the Camp Administrator

12. Facilitate daily staff devotions

13. Welcome groups, answer questions, and make guests feel comfortable in the absence of camp host

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